Sunday, May 2, 2010

Emily + Prom = Hot.

Sometimes I like to keep things in perspective by remembering what happened one year ago today, or two years ago today. Maybe it's weird, but usually I can remember, which is fun. For instance, one year ago this weekend I had just returned from my freshmen year in Provo, and Emily had just hit a tree on a 4 wheeler and given herself a concussion. Two years ago this weekend I was at Prom with Stevan Leavitt. Three years ago, Jana, Shannon, Kim, and I were racing at swim team regionals. Time flies. But, back to this year. This year Emily finally got to go to Prom.(If you don't know about the 4-wheeling accident, ask her, it's hilarious.) She wore one of the dresses I brought back from London, cute little black shoes, and basically just looked smokin'. Emily has great hair, and she better watch her back, because I want it. Here are some pictures of her looking hot. Also I have to brag, I did the hair, and the make-up, but she's just naturally a babe.


Oh Prom! (Ignore me, I look horrendous.)

Oh Dad.

Crazy people.

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