Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh life.

Now that I'm not in London, this blog is kind of lame. Probably because all I do is eat, sleep, and drive.

I have driven to and from Las Vegas 4 times in 4 weeks. That is too much money spent on gas, too much time spent listening to talk radio, and too many highway patrolmen to avoid.

On the plus side, Emily's hair looked good a Prom, Emily played Rizzo fantastically(her hair and make up didn't look half bad either), Legacy's spring choir concert was a great, and Ally's dance festival was a hoot.

I found out I'm not very flexible, but yoga and pilates are both pretty fun.

I've had a job interview or two, but I'm still numbered among the unemployed.

Raiven's bridal shower will also be awesome. And, in case you've been invited and you don't get my phone call, it's been changed to 7pm.

Also, if anyone knows of a plum dress that I can buy/borrow, I'd be eternally grateful.

Other than that not much is happening. Maybe I'll do something exciting for Memorial Day and take a picture or two.

Oh and if anyone would like to plan my life, give me a call.

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