Saturday, March 6, 2010

Days 53, 54, & 55

Wednesday was another fantastic day trip. We hopped on the coach bright and early, and a few hours later we were at Warwick Castle. Don't be confused by the spelling, the correct way to pronounce Warwick is War-ICK. I know, it's weird. Well, Warwick Castle is a nice little castle that has been turned into an educational Disneyland. We toured some beautiful state rooms, climbed a tower, walked through the gardens, and saw some peacocks! The only thing we didn't get to visit was Princess Tower. Apparently, you have to be 8 years old or younger. After Warwick we got back on the coach to head over to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see Shakespeare's home, Shakespeare's birthplace, and a Shakespeare play. I like touring the old houses and learning about where Shakespeare had written some of his great works and such. Unfortunately for us, the little town completely shut down at 5pm. So, we sat at Subway and Starbuck's until the play started at 7:00pm. We saw King Lear, and normally I am not a fan of Shakespeare plays, normally I would rather watch 5 operas, but King Lear was amazing. The actors and the set were perfect. I really, really enjoyed it. Our coach driver thought he was Indiana Jones, so the ride home was a little bumpy. But, fantastic news, Wednesday was my last day of kitchen crew.

Peacock Garden.

Audrey and I were late to devotional.

Welcome to my home.

It is very pretty.

I live here with Henry the 8th.

It is decorated with only the best portraits.

Warwick Castle.

View from my tower.

View from my other tower.

My roommates.

Shakespeare's house!

Shakespeare's birthplace!

Thursday was a huge class and homework day. After class, we didn't really feel like doing our hair, so we decided to dress like the locals and go euro chic for the day. Young Londoners do it all the time. We didn't brush our hair, we smudged on some dark eye make-up and bright lipstick, wore leggings as pants, wore a lot of black, and made sure we were wearing a nice chunky scarf. Then we went to Samuel Johnson's house(the author of the first english dictionary,) and back home. We got a few more whistles than normal on our way home, and dinner was funny. After dinner we went to the waffle stand(don't judge) and the waffle man made us some delicious waffles. Since the waffle stand doesn't really have a seating area we usually just sit on the floor, and as we were sitting on the floor the waffle man came over and took a picture of us. I'm sure he's going to use it for advertising...

Euro. Chic.

Euro chic on the tube.


Friday we took a train out to Hampstead to see Keats' house, and the Kenwood House! it was a beautiful day. The sun was out and I was almost warm! Keats' home was awesome and then we walked through the heath to Kenwood House. It was really muddy, but my wellies held up and I didn't even slip. In case you'e ever seen Knotting Hill(the movie), Kenwood House is where Julia Roberts was filming her Henry James film. It's a gorgeous house, and inside was a beautiful art exhibit. I want to live there. We ate lunch at Camden Market and had the most wonderful chinese food in the world. Good chinese food and good mexican food are a rarity here in England. After Camden we went back to the center and did more homework. I know it's crazy, but yes, we stayed home on a Friday night to do homework. I got a lot done, but still have a ton more. We have had so much homework lately, it's insane. Also, we have class tomorrow, on a Saturday...lame.

This picture may seem pointless, but check out how long my pony tail is!

Keats' house.

This is what happens when Cam takes your picture.

This happens too.

The Heath!

That is my give-me-the-camera-cam face.

Kenwood House.

Kenwood House.

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Elise said...

Oh fun! I love Warwick Castle! Did you go in Ghost Tower? I remember going there when I was like 8 or 9 and that tower scared the crap out of me. Also, there was this guy all dressed up down with the fake horse, and I thought he was one of the statues till I pointed at him and he said "Don't point it's rude." I about peed my pants. :D Anyways, sounds like you're having a blast!