Thursday, March 4, 2010

Days 50, 51, & 52.

Sunday is always a good day. All of the trains were shut down so we had to take buses, fiasco. Church was really nice though. In primary we practiced or songs for Mother's Day(it's in March here.) And, in Sacrament Meeting Katie gave a beautiful talk and Kirra played a gorgeous arrangement of Come Thou Fount on the piano. After church I did dishes for a few hours, and then prepared, ate, and cleaned up dinner. Kitchen Crew is the best...NOT. We had a fireside that night. On our way to the fireside we kind of got caught in the rain and we got absolutely drenched. The rain has never made me that wet in all my life. The day was salvaged by cheesecake and pie though.

Monday I went to classes and then stayed at the center to do some homework. It was beautiful day outside though. The sun was out all day! It was still cold, but so sunny! After kitchen crew we went to the new movie theater in Shepherd's Bush to see Leap Year! I know it came out in the states a few months ago, but everything's a little late here. It is such a sweet and romantic movie. It definitely satisfied our need for a good chick flick.

Tuesday was class again and then more homework. I'm being very studios, see mom. It was beautifully sunny again, so I had to go outside even if it was just for a few errands. After kitchen crew we went to see Hairspray! It was so fun! The musical was so well done, the actors did an amazing job, and it was just really really fun. By the end everyone was up on their feet clapping/dancing a standing ovation. They faked their American accents really well too haha. Oh, and I want to marry Link, no big.

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clare said...

You are seeing and doing so many exciting things! So happy for you!

PS-Get a copy of that arrangement of Come Thou Fount!! :)