Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 49

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday. It is also the day we got to go to the aquarium! Well, first we went to Burrough Market for lunch and on the way out I found a baked potato stand that I will definitely be eating at next Saturday. The tubes were crazy. They shut down a bunch of lines, so we had to take a couple buses and such. Anyway, after the market we went to the aquarium! There were a lot of fish and few sharks. It was definitely nothing like the aquariums in California, but I did see some lovely fish from the river Thames. I also learned that more people died from toaster malfunctions than shark attacks last year, and that I hate Garden Eels. The coolest part was easily the tattoo lady. Audrey and I got dolphins on our face. Regardless of what you may think, we were not the oldest people in line. The oldest person in line was the guy in front of us that got a sparkly pink turtle on his bicep, so we felt ok. There was also a really awesome green screen that you could take a picture in front of and it would look like you were riding on the back of a sea turtle. After the Aquarium we came home, did a little homework, ate at Nando's, and finished up with a little Frog. It was a pretty great day.

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Jana said...

that picture of you with the shark is truly frightening.