Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 72

Wednesday was our very last day trip! Not our last time on the coach, unfortunately, but our last day trip. We packed our lunches, hopped on the coach, and drove an hour our two to St. Alban's Cathedral. We walked through a Roman artifacts museum, and walked through a pretty park. Then we hopped back onto the coach and drove to the American Cemetery at Cambridge.

St. Alban's.

We didn't spend a lot of time there, but we had a really nice guided tour, and it was a beautiful cemetery. The white crosses reminded me of Arlington, and it oddly comforting to see the American flag flying. I like England, but I love the U.S.. Five minutes later we were at King's College and toured the chapel there.

The state seals.

Memorial Chapel.

Home means Nevada.

Wall of the Missing.

Cambridge is such a sweet little town. We went punting. Or rather, our guide Greg punted while we lounged in the boat. We got to see the most famous colleges, visit Lion Yard Market, and eat the best baked potatoes of our lives. Provo is nice, but how cool would it be to live in Cambridge? It was back to the coach for us, and after a two hour drive we were back in London. We have the craziest bus driver in the world. His name is Tony and he talks a lot. He is constantly on the intercom sharing "fun facts" about everything that we drive by. He also thinks he is Indiana Jones. Basically, he's just nuts, and he'll be driving us on the North Ate dinner at Nando's again, did some reading, and then went to bed.

Greg(in the background), Emma, and I punting.

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