Monday, April 5, 2010

Days 73, 74, 75, & 76.

Thursday I went to a ton of classes, and did a ton of homework. It was just a boring day. I know I got a lot done and that I am not wasting time, but with so little time left in London, it feels like no matter what I'm doing I'm wasting time.

Anyway, Friday we went to Hampton Court! It was exciting! It didn't exactly rival Versailles, but it was cool nonetheless. We met Catherine Parr who was preparing to marry King Henry the 8th. They were having a huge wedding celebration that I got to take part in. I'm really glad I got to be there. It was super windy, it reminded me of Las Vegas. We got to see the oldest grape vine, watch Brit chase her map around, and I bought a wax seal in the gift shop. There was also the world's worst book in the gift shop, "Henry 8th: My blog dude." The author was trying to make history appealing to teenagers I guess, but it was just dumb. So, very dumb. On our way back to London, Emma and Katie didn't exactly make the train, and we lost them. It was so sad. Audrey, Brit, and I went to Burrough Market and then Carnaby Street, London's Soho. It was a really, really great day.

Oh hey King Henry.

The very windy Hampton Court.

The very wet and rainy Carnaby Street.

Saturday I had British History and Politics, and then we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. It was super crowded, but we got to see the soldiers and their funny hats. Speaking of funny hats, I had to tie my jacket around my head because I forgot to take my umbrella. I always forget my umbrella. Then we went to London Bridge, and toured the Fashion and Textile Museum. It was a little bit of a rip-off, but the Sanderson exhibit was cool. Then we got a little lost on our way to Burrough for the second day in a row. I am going to miss that market so much! Then we went to Oxford Circus for awhile, until I had to board a train out to Wandsworth Commons. Katie, Brittany, Kirra, Jenny, and I provided the music for our ward missionary fireside. We sang with the missionaries, and I played a little number on the piano, it was great. The refreshments were hilarious, the missionaries had to have planned them. We ate Doritos, little sausage corn dog things, and lemonade. It was so weird. Saturday night I finished my Myth paper, finished my talk for Sunday, and finished preparing my primary lesson. It was a busy day.

Sunday was busy too. I made it to church so early! Katie and I caught the right train this week and it was perfect. We celebrated Easter in Primary, but we were missing most of the kids. I got to eat a tasty chocolate bunny and then I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting about prayer. Usually I type out my entire talk, every word from "Good morning, my name is Caitlin amen." I tried really hard this time to actually look at the congregation, and tell my stories instead of reciting them. My public speaking can definitely use some improvement, but my talk went pretty well which was a relief. And yes, I did tell the story about my Minnie Mouse wallet haha. We had a munch and mingle after church, and then it was back to the center to pack for the North Trip.

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