Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Days 67, 68, 69, 70, & 71

Friday = Class, shopping, dinner and a movie. Paris was a quick and exhausting trip, so we didn't really do much.

Saturday = Bought tickets for Legally Blonde, at lunch at Camden Market, paid a visit to the Tate Modern, dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and then homework.

Sunday = A fantastic day at church. We made it to church on time and primary was just great. The kids were saying the funniest things. According to them Samuel the Lamanite is really Humpty Dumpty, David is really Indiana Jones, and Joseph Fielding Smith is really George Bush. Also, the Dora the Explorer theme song is actually a primary song, I had no idea. We were informed before Sacrament meeting that we'll be singing and playing the piano at a fireside on Sunday, which should be exciting. Also, I'm teaching primary and giving a talk next Sunday, so if anyone has any fantastic experiences with prayer, let me know. After church we rushed over to see the Legally Blonde matinee(we couldn't get tickets for Saturday) and then had a nice Sunday dinner at the center. I also got to watch the CES fireside and it was all about choosing good friends and being a good friend. It really got me thinking about how lucky I have been. I have some excellent friends, and I have been so blessed to make great friends here. I'm am so grateful to have been assigned to dorm 4, I love these girls.

Monday = Class, a classical violin concert, a visit to Primark, dinner and homework.

Tuesday = Nando's(Audrey finally likes it, thank goodness), a stroll down Portabello, Hummingbird cupcakes, Victoria and Albert Museum, dinner, and Billy Elliott! If you are coming to London in the near future, you MUST see Billy Elliott. It was amazing. The little boy that played Billy, was extremely talented and the choreography is amazing. I cried. 3 times. See it, please.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, my camera died.

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Simple Signage said...

Your prayer story should be the one about losing your Minnie Mouse purse! scary that I remember that!