Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 64

Versailles! Versailles is why we woke up early. We ate a nice little breakfast at the hotel, hopped on the wrong train, but finally made it to Versailles, and it was worth it. It was beautiful and grand and everything you expect it to be. We toured the state rooms, admired the Chapel, and walked down the Hall of Mirrors. It is a fancy place. After the palace we toured the gardens and took some pretty pictures. During one of our group photo shoots we ran into this Italian lady and her friend. They were taking pictures of each other in front of a fountain and the one lady was just so unhappy with her friend's photography skills. She was was posing(if you call standing with one foot forward and a frown on your face posing), and yelling at her poor friend to take more pictures. I'm almost positive every picture looks exactly the same. I still haven't figured out why Italians, or europeans in general, don't smile for their pictures. We found a panini stand and ate lunch, and then decided to head back to Paris.


The Chapel at Versailles.

Hall of Mirrors.

How Americans pose.

How Italians pose.

Once we were back in the city we walked over to the Mouffetard, a little market, to visit the best chocolatier in Paris. Nicholsen's did not disappoint. I could eat that chocolate all day long. We found some cute shops and grabbed some great Gelato before heading down to the Arc du Triomphe.

We love chocolate.

We also love chicken.

But mostly, we love gelato.

The Arc was fantastic and 300 steps later we were at the top, with a spectacular view of Paris. We ate at a place called George V and then shopped a little. We decided to turn in early, because we were really, really tired. But, I did find a blue and white striped shirt so that I could look french. The irony of it though, is that I found that shirt at the GAP, which means technically it's American...oh well.

That guy was angry.

The ever prevalent spiral staircase.

This is how we feel about spiral staircases.

Dinner at George's.

Home sweet home.

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You need to come home and get a job. Love, Dad