Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 65

We woke up bright and early Tuesday morning for Notre Dame. We made it to breakfast on time, and even managed to snag some chocolate croissants. Macy and Audrey slept in accidentally, so Emma and I followed the group over to Notre Dame and planned to meet up with them later. Notre Dame is beautiful. I loved it so much! The view from the top was especially exciting. I got to see the gargoyles up close and personal and it was a great view of Paris. I was a little worried a pigeon would poop on me, but good news, I stayed clean. I didn't find Quasimoto, darn it. I did however, get separated from Emma, which could have been really bad if Katie, Brit, Calvin and Cam hadn't let me tag along with them.

Notre Dame!

I'm a gargoyle.

After the Notre Dame we walked over to Sainte Chappelle. We had to go through a metal detector to get inside and I was extra cautious and even took off my headband, but the buckles on my shoes still beeped! So, I was wanded down, it was great. Anyway inside the chapel some of the pretty stained glass windows were missing, but it was still beautiful. We ate lunch at a nice little pizza place, and then walked on over to the Cluny Museum to check out some Unicorn Tapestries...we didn't stay long.

Then we hopped on the Metro to Montmarte and ended up getting a tiny bit lost in the ghetto. It's a good thing that even the ghetto in Paris is beautiful. Montmarte is beautiful and so is Sacre-Coeur. It was a great view of Paris, and really, I can't even begin to describe how pretty it was. You'll just have to go.

The Centre Pompidou(modern art museum) was next. It's a building that's inside out. You can see the pipes and ventilation system on the outside and it was really, really cool. Some crazy guy wanted to draw Calvin because he looked funny, so we watched that for awhile and then went to the Louvre.

Modern Art museum!

Calvin having his funny face drawn.

The Louvre highlights tour is the best thing to ever happen to me. I love the Louvre, and I need at least 4 more days there. There is a huge difference between looking at your Humanities professor's slideshow, and the real thing. We ran into Audrey, Emma, and Macy over by the Mona Lisa and then all of us went to dinner before splitting up. I don't know where the boys went, but the girls all went to the Eiffel Tower and took a boat tour of Paris! It was so much fun! The employees were snapping pictures of us left and right, because we're celebrities of course. However, I have grown to loathe field trips. There are always so many little preteens running around, not appreciating where they are and reeking of puberty. The boat tour was full of them, but we still had a good time. After the busy, busy day it was back to the hotel and straight to bed for us.

The Louvre!

I took this and then my camera died, hence the lack of pictures from the boat tour.

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