Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 57

Church was great. In primary we practiced our Mother's Day songs and learned that while praying we say thee, not you. I'm excited to hear the sweet little kids sing next week. The mute pedal will definitely be needed though, there just aren't very many of them haha. I took a nice Sunday nap, had a nice Sunday dinner, did some reading, and I got to talk to my family! It had been awhile and it was nice to hear all of their lovely voices. I miss them, and in honor of missing them, I've decided to post the family pictures that we took over Christmas break. Erin Dudley took them and she is the best. Unfortunately, we are a family full of goofs and it's a testament to her talent that there were any good pictures at all. Anyway, I love my family, they're the greatest.

We all were looking at the camera! Hooray!

We had problems with the whole piggy back thing.

Hailey and I got a little violent.

All of the girls!

This is what happens when we're asked to pose...

The Stolworthys are funny.

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