Saturday, February 27, 2010

Days 46,47, & 48

Wednesday we did not have a day trip, but class instead. After class Maddy and I ate lunch and went to Jig Saw to buy rain boots. My wellies are the best thing I've purchased here. They are so useful! Now my leather boots won't get soaked through. Wednesday night we saw Twelfth Night and it was an experience. I like Shakespeare, and I can appreciate his talent. Is it my favorite thing to see or read? Probably not. But, Twelfth Night is good, it's funny. Our seats were not good, they were terrible. The overall experience was just not ideal. Also, the audience was laughing so hard, it was crazy. I mean it was funny, but not laugh out loud funny. I liked it though, it was educational. After the play, we went to the food & wine to grab some snacks for our trip and went to bed.

Thursday we woke up bright and early to go to WALES! 5:30am came too soon. After a few hours on our beloved coach, we hopped off at Tintern Abbey. William Wordsworth wrote a poem about Tintern Abbey and it was pretty cool to be at the exact same place. I had a good time, reflected, and jumped into some puddles with my rain boots. After the Abbey we took a drive over to a coal mine. I don't really know why we went to the coal mine, I'm glad I saw it, but I don't care to see any coal mine ever again. I felt cramped and squished...but the headlight was awesome. The Museum of Welsh Life was next. It was interesting. I learned that fudge is called Cyfug in welsh, what a welsh home in the 80s would look like, and that sheep are important to the welsh community. We ended Thursday in Cardiff at a nice little hotel. We each got to sleep in our own bed and the shower had really nice water pressure! It was the best night of my life! Plus we ordered Papa John's and just watched the Olympics. It was the best.

Tintern Abbey.

The rain is so much more fun with wellies.

Katie, Brit, and I.

Pink wellies, Spotty wellies, Grape wellies.

Coal Mine. I was scared.

We looked really good.

Friday we woke up bright and early and I was loathe to part with my beautiful bed. I did get to eat chocolate croissants for breakfast, and then we were off to Caerphilly Castle. It is easily the best castle we have been to so far. It was beautiful. The rest of the day was spent in pursuit of church history sites. We went to the Benbow Farm, to a little norman chapel, to Beacon hill, it was a lot of fun and a lot of information. The hike up the hill was a doozy and my hair had little animals/plants in it, but I liked the exercise. Also, I just want to say that I am pretty darn good at falling asleep on the coach. For some reason the moment I sit down, I just pass out. The time passed quickly and before I knew it, we were back in London.

Caerphilly Castle.


Waving to my loyal subjects.

We're just so funny!

Benbow Farm.

Baptism Pond.

View from Beacon Hill.

The prettiest picture of me, ever.

First LDS chapel in England.

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Audrey said...

hahahahahahaha oh man this post made me laugh so hard so many times... but at the end of the day, the funniest thing is definitely that very attractive picture of you where the wind is blowing your hair EVERYWHERE. hahahahahah