Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 45

I'm on Kitchen Crew again. Kitchen Crew is the bane of my existence. I get that everyone needs to do their part and such, but it's just annoying. So yeah, I was up extra early for breakfast. My magic cereal was replaced by Audrey's not-so-magic cereal which was a bummer, but the magic juice was there. Spent the day in class, had a good conversation with Kellen and Audrey about mexicans and Hilary Duff's engagement ring. Then I went to Kitchen Crew to prepare dinner, we ate dinner, and then we cleaned up dinner. I am the master of the Hobart sanitization machine. Then we tried to go see Legally Blonde the musical and let's just say it's the new Woman in Black...Later that night, we decided to go down to the kitchen and make a late night snack. I had a PB & J. While we were down there talking Macy saw a little rat, which was big news considering I thought these little rats were a myth. So, I followed the little rat into the kitchen to see where it would run and well it stopped running toward the wall, turned around, and ran DIRECTLY AT ME. RIGHT BETWEEN MY LEGS! I freaked out and started screaming and jumping around, and maybe I looked ridiculous, maybe I didn't. It challenged me, and won.


Macy said...

funniest thing i have ever seen. bahahahahahahahahaahaha.

Hailey said...

Ewww !
I can't believe you've been gone 45 days ! :D