Monday, February 22, 2010

Days 41,42,43, & 44

I've been busy, and I'll apologize in advance for the lack of pictures and the abundance of text. Friday I had class in the morning and then we all traveled over to an Islamic Mosque. It was a beautiful day out, I even got to wear my sunglasses. I'm sure our guide at the Mosque shared a lot of useful information, but I was in the back. I also may, or may not, be hard of hearing. The most interesting part of our trip was observing a prayer. The routine, structure, and discipline involved was fascinating. The second Q & A that we had with our guide I got to hear more of, and maybe I'm just cynical, but I feel like he didn't really answer any of our questions. He side-stepped the extremely controversial things like: the role of a woman, education, and jihad to make his religion seem more appealing. Mormons do that to an extent, I mean, we don't start talking about polygamy or when blacks got the priesthood the moment we meet an investigator...but, those two touchy subjects don't alter what we believe or the fundamentals of the gospel. Anyway, after the Mosque we were starving and decided to eat at Giraffe for dinner. I took pictures this time and the atmosphere is still darling. On the way home the train left me, so I went to eat a waffle by myself. I love the Waffle Man and he loves me.

Saturday I woke up early for a test review, we made a trip to Burrough Market for lunch. Maddy and I split an Ostirch tasty. After we perused the stalls at Burrough we decided to walk over to High Street Kensington to find Maddy some new shoes to go with her pretty new dress. We spent a little bit of time in TopShop and I have to say that I love pale pink. I love pieces inspired by ballerinas. I love lace. I love gold. I love sweet, dainty jewelry. Anyway, we ate dinner down on Oxford Street at a mexican place called Tortilla. It was the most delicious mexican food I have had in a long time. And, there were free refills. After diner Emma, Audrey, and I ran over to Savoy Theater to try and get tickets for Legally Blonde because we've heard excellent things about the girl that plays Elle Woods. Unfortunately the girl who plays Elle Woods was sick on Saturday and the understudy was performing. We didn't buy tickets. I've been an understudy, I know what it's like, and I'm happy for the girl that got to perform on Saturday night. But, let's face it, there's a reason she's the understudy. Also, the tube was crazy this weekend. They're doing a ton of construction for the olympics and so they shut down a few trains. Every train we got on was ridiculously crowded. My face was stuck in an Indian man's armpit on multiple occasions.

Sunday we left for church earlier so I could figure out the organ. Fortunately there was a nice woman named Ginger who showed me which settings worked the best for her. There were only 4 kids in primary and the chorister was missing, so I was the pianist and chorister...Come Sacrament meeting I had conquered the organ. But, in the middle of the Sacrament hymn the settings mysteriously changed all on their own and the volume level dropped significantly. And, the microphone freaked out and the most horrible high-pitched noise in the world was blasted through the chapel for at least 3 minutes. I eventually fixed the volume and all was well.

Monday I had a midterm and a timeline due, it was stressful. We celebrated by eating at Tortilla again(yes, it was that good.) Then Audrey and I went to the giant TopShop on Oxford Street. It was enormous and slightly overwhelming. It was so big that Audrey and I got separated and literally could not find each other. Dinner was mexican food, and then we may or may not have gone to get waffles. And, I may or may not have eaten two. We saw Valentine's Day that night, and it was a cute movie. It was also gay rights propaganda, and really, I'm tired of seeing movies with secret political agendas. But, there were a lot of attractive men in that movie.

We're going to Wales soon, I'm excited!


Jana said...

#1. I missed a few words and thought you said you ate a giraffe, it was quite frightening for a moment.

#2. How did the train leave just you? And how did you eat a waffle right after you ate dinner?

#3. All you do is write about food. Stop being insensitive. Not everyone has food.

#4. Send me a waffle.

Teri said...

Is it just me or do you eat out a ton? I mean aren't they suppose to be feeding you at least a little food each day? Beware that you do not begin to look like a waffle! As a matter of fact, in that last picture.....