Friday, February 5, 2010

Days 26 & 27

I just want to start off by saying that I am sick. I've been sick for awhile. It even feels like I've been sick the entire time I've been here. I have a weak immune system, and right now I have a cough. I cough(although hack would be a better word) constantly. I try really hard not to because I know how obnoxious it is, but I am that annoying, coughing girl all the time. If I don't cough though, my throat starts to burn, my eyes start to water, my face turns red, and I start to die. So I just want to make a formal apology to my roommates, because my cough wakes them up, my cough gets germs everywhere, my cough makes it hard for them to hear other people talking, and my cough gets us super dirty looks on the tube. I really am sorry guys, I'll buy some cough drops tomorrow, I promise.

The sign says: Beware! Horses may kick or bite. Thank you.
Horses are scary.

Now I can tell you about Thursday. Of all the days in the week, I think Thursday is my least favorite. In elementary school I hated Thursday because it copied Tuesday and started with the letter T. In middle school I hated Thursday because it was not Friday. In high school I hated Thursday because it was the day we ran the mile. Right now I hate Thursday because it is the day we have our religion class and our London Walks class. It just makes the day really long, and it eats up just enough time to make it impossible to actually do something before dinner...and I don't miss dinner. Since Thursday is so terrible we decided to make it our lunch date day, so we got to go to Wagamama's with Susan our Brit. Lit. professor. Macy, Emma, and I had a lot of fun with her! She showed us a much faster way to get to TopShop and Giraffe, we walked down Embassy Row, and she's just good conversation. Thursday night, I'm embarrassed to say, I ate two waffles. We went to Whiteley's, and it's cheaper than the Waffle House, and I was just really hungry. I definitely came to regret the decision. I don't even want to look at a waffle right now.

Today(Friday) we had a little field trip to the banqueting hall in White Hall. Turns out the Royal Military had a party there last night and they were still cleaning up when we arrived for our tour. They postponed our tour an hour, so it had to have been one great party. We ended up eating breakfast at McDonalds and talking about weddings for an hour. I love to talk about weddings, and I don't think it's just because I'm a single, female, byu student. I have a feeling I'm going to talk about weddings even when I'm married. I can't help it, they're giant happy parties...who doesn't want to talk about that? Anyway, the banqueting hall was a giant room. People ate and danced there. Macy and I danced there. Charles the first was also beheaded there, but not during a banquet. The banqueting hall wins the swankiest bathroom award. We ate again after that, and then went to the British Museum. It is a pretty fantastic museum. We didn't even see a tenth of what was there, but the lighting and atmosphere was so great that I didn't feel the least bit overwhelmed. I did however, feel overwhelmed at Primark. I'm never going there again, it puts me in a foul mood. Meatloaf for dinner = a hungry Caitlin. We went to a singles Valentine's Day dance tonight and got all dressed up. Our high heels and fancy dresses made us a few friends on our way to the tube station. I'm not going to lie, I though it was going to be one of those dances where there are 8 people standing, not dancing, on the dance floor, people standing against the wall because their mom made them come, and a couple I'm-so-cool-I-can-dance-creepily-by-myself-in-the-corner kids. I'm happy to be wrong. I had so much fun! Tonight's highlight was definitely 30 BYU students belting Miley Cyrus and dancing to Party in the U.S.A., while the british singles looked at us like we were just typical crazy Americans. British people always think Americans are crazy.

British Museum!(No, I didn't take this picture.)

Banqueting Hall.

Banqueting Hall ceiling, painted by Reubens.

Tomorrow we're going to the aquarium and the London Eye!

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