Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 28

Today was a great day. I think it was great because the sun was shining. I always have a better day when the sun is out. We slept in just long enough to feel rested, Emma and I had hot chocolate for breakfast. Hazelnut hot chocolate is my new obsession, so tasty. We bought Phantom of the Opera tickets for Monday, and even though we got lost on our way to the theater, it was a good kind of exploring lost. We got to see more of Piccadilly Circus and found chinatown! While we were lost we found the greatest souvenir store known to man kind, and some crazy italian men asked to take pictures with us...

After a couple tube rides, we got to the London Eye at the perfect time, sunset. Usually I'm terrified of ferris wheels, but I loved the London Eye! The view was amazing! We ate dinner at a cute little pizza place recommended to us by Audrey's magic book, and it was delicious. We finished the evening with a little chocolate from Harrod's. It was just a laid back, fun, touristy day.

And guess what. We're going to Rome in 4 days.

Horses are still scary.

I found myself an english gent.

I am secretly Princess Diana.

The London Eye!

Sunset is the perfect time.

We rode in this.

We saw this.

And this.

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Emily said...

I really like your face and these pictures! Will you still buy me a dress? Not the rihanna style, I am not rihanna.