Wednesday, February 3, 2010

22, 23, 24, & 25

This is going to be a long post. Really, really long. But, you should still read the whole thing...and look at the pictures.

Anyway, Sunday was great. For some reason, the weather here is always the best on Sundays. It was my first time in Primary and I met some of the most adorable little kids. Poppy and Julian are twins and they told me about their "wobbly teeth" and how "cheeky" their little sister Victoria is. Bemnent and I talked about Star Wars, Emma and Annabelle told me all about the robot movie they watched, and Chloe sat on my lap the entire time I wasn't playing the piano. It was only the 6 of them, but I we had so much fun! I forgot how catchy primary songs are. On the way back to the train I had a little adventure. We have to buy extension passes because we travel out of our zone on Sundays, which means we have to put money on our cards before our ride back. So, while I was trying to put money on my card, the machine was refusing to read my credit card and the train that we needed to catch was 5 seconds from arriving and we just really couldn't miss this train. So, Brittney threw 5 pounds at me, I put it on my card, touched my card to the machine, touched my card to the entrance gate, ran up the stairs, ran across the bridge, ran down the stairs(in heels), across the platform, and then dove onto the train. It was like a relay race and I WON. Sunday dinner was so good, and we had a really cool fireside given about war time London. And then I went to the Waffle House to use their reliable internet to talk to my family on videochat! I love talking to my family!

Monday I spent the day in the centre going to class and doing homework, but at night we went to Oliver! It was such a good play! The music is always stuck in my head though. We got to Covent Garden early, so we went to Ben's Cookies! I really love the chocolate cookies at Ben's. Also, we ate baked potatoes for dinner and they were delicious.

Oliver! Oliver!

Tuesday was more class and then Emma and I got hot chocolate and went to a few stationary stores to find Valentine's Day Cards! It was so nice to not be in a rush. Emma and I took our sweet time browsing and walking and it was just a nice trip. Plus, we didn't get lost once. Later Macy and I ended up at Frog and had some delicious frozen yogurt and then it was early to bed for us, because Wednesday we had a day trip.

Wednesday!! Today we went to Dover castle and to Canterbury! We walked through some war time tunnels that were built during WW2 and they looked curiously like our dorms...The castle was very pretty, but I think I'd rather live in a cathedral. In fact, I am going to live in a cathedral, minus the crypts. I really love gift shops, but seriously all the gift shops we've been to lately sell the exact same things: Henry the 8th glass dolls, quills, goblets, and weird medieval jewelry. I just want a cool postcard or something.

Dover Castle, my new home.

So pretty and green.

White Cliffs of Dover.

This is Maddy taking a picture of me while I was telling Emma to come get in my picture, because I felt silly standing alone.

Emma and I!

On the castle steps.

We're the Hercules statues.

View from the castle roof!

The view on our walk back to the coach.

After Dover, we went to St. Augustine's Abbey and took some pictures on some crumbling walls. I understand the cultural and religious significance of the place, and had a great time reading the plaques, but you can only take so many pictures on crumbling rocks.

A nice crumbling wall.

A bigger crumbling wall.

We soon made our pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathdral and it was gorgeous. The vaulted ceilings and stone pillars were my favorite. And someone was playing the organ! It felt like Phantom of the Opera.

Canterbury and I!

I want to live here.

Pretty, pretty ceilings!

The bus ride home was long, but luckily my ipod held out until the bitter end. However, while I was touring Canterbury a pigeon decided to drop one right on my window. Seriously, right in my line of vision there was a huge bird unfortunate. I had to stare at it for 2 hours. We had Subway for dinner, waffles from Whitely's for dessert(they didn't have fruit at Whitely's...Audrey...), and now I'm home blogging and reading for class tomorrow. Tomorrow is our lunch date day! I'm excited to go to Zizzi's!

Right underneath the flash from my camera is the super nasty bird poop. Disgusting.

Ps: I only spent 2 pounds today, and I'm pretty proud of myself for not buying anything at the TopShop or Next in Canterbury and not eating lunch out this week...and my dad should be too haha.


Jeff said...

I can tell you all about that gothic cathedral if you want.

Hailey said...

You wear very cute clothes! I need some(: