Friday, January 22, 2010

Days 12 & 13

Thursday: Today was like a catch up day. Wednesday's trip tired me out, so I just went to class. I went to lunch with some girls at a chicken place called Nando's. My pita was so delicious, and they had free fountain drink refills...I almost cried. Later that night, we all decided to see if we could go get stand-by student tickets to Wicked, and we got in! We had fantastic seats and the show was so amazing. Sometimes I forget how great the music is. Every time I see Wicked though, I feel so bad for Glinda. Which is weird, because generally people identify more with Elphaba and love that she gets the guy in the end. I just can't help feel sorry for Glinda though, she gets her man snatched right out from under her. Anyway, it was wonderful and I wish life were a musical.

All the girls at Wicked!

Macy and I love ourselves(This is my Rhianna dress!)

Close up of the poofy sleeves, also it was Christina's first Wicked show!

Friday: We woke up bright and early to get to Westminster Abbey. I wish I could post a lot of pictures, but they wouldn't let us take any! Also it was very rainy, which kind of diminishes any desire to take pictures. Westminster is beautiful. It's such a peaceful, holy place. There are over 3,000 people buried there. I did in fact find Edward III's tomb(we're related you know), but I couldn't snap a photograph so I stole one from the internet. It was freezing and rainy. We ended up at the Burrough Market for lunch and I got my very own ostrich burger! It was seriously so tasty! Tonight we're going to watch the Young Victoria, and then Camden Road, Waggamomma's, and Lady in Black tomorrow. This has been such a good week!

West Minster!


West Minster Towers.

King Eddie's tomb.

So funny story, we all walked out of the centre wearing black leather jackets today. Instead of the Pink Ladies, we were going to be the Black Ladies..but that's a little politically incorrect, so now we're just going to be a band called Black Leather(we're so hot).

Audrey and I seconds before this terrifying horse tried to devour us.

An Ostrich burger! So good!


Heather Lee said...

1. SO jealous that you got to see Wicked!

2. LOVE your dress! Seriously, so cute.

3. You ladies look like a bad-ass gang of biker chicks in your leather. lol

Jana said...

that dress makes your boobs look big. or, rather, that dress makes you look like you have boobs.

Lori said...

can i just say that your rihanna dress is stupendous and looks amazing on you. the end. also, i love ur day to day recap of london.. keep it comin:D

Shannon said...

i've got to agree with jana.
that dress makes you look real nice.
and i agree with lori.
i thoroughly enjoy experiencing london through your blog and facebook. haha...