Thursday, January 21, 2010

Days 10 & 11

Get ready for a picture overload.
Tuesday: Probably as normal a day as you can get here at the centre.Went to my classes, they were great. Then for lunch Audrey and I decided to get waffles. Waffles with chocolate, fresh strawberries, and fresh bananas on top! I want to eat a waffle everyday. Seriously, the best thing I've tasted so far. The guy running the waffle stand...not the brightest. But, when Audrey open's her own waffle stand in Provo, I will be her #1 customer. And she will have chairs at her waffle stand, so her customers don't have to go sit in a photo booth. English people never sit down(there are never any benches anywhere) and they either eat their garbage or hide it in their pocket(there are never any trash cans anywhere.)

This is what happiness looks like.

My beautiful waffle.

Wednesday: We woke up extra early, climbed on a tour bus, and set out to see Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, and Bath. It was snowing, so I got to wear my ear flap hat...yay! Stonehenge was cool, and very cold/snowy. We didn't get to touch the rocks, but we modeled from afar and did Tyra proud(meaning we smized.)

Emma, Macy, and I in front of Stonehenge.

45 minutes later we were at Salisbury Cathedral with Rosie our cheeky tour guide. The Cathedral had beautiful stain glass, pretty statues, the world's oldest working clock, a copy of the Magna Carta, and you guessed it, scaffolding. Everything is always under renovation. But despite the architectural blight, we had a good time and got some great pictures.

The wretched scaffolding.


Cathedral ceiling.

Pretty stained glass.

The world's oldest clock. And just to clarify, I knew exactly what it was the moment I saw it.

1 hour after that, we were at the Roman Baths. I've decided that if I ever had to live in a different time period, I'd want to live during the Roman Empire. They were clean, smart, innovative, and generally good-looking...I could live like that. We didn't actually bathe in Bath, but it was so fantastic to finally see them. We also saw Nicholas Cage's house, which would be awesome if he were Jude Law....but he's not.

I finally got over my phobia of pictures of just me.

Steamy Baths.

During our sightseeing break we went to a place called the Fudge Kitchen that is home to some great fudge, and some great looking british men. One of whom gave me me a free slice of fudge just for being a pretty american. I love him, and I'm going to bring him back to the States so he can make me fudge and flatter me endlessly with his beautiful accent.

This is what free fudge looks like ladies.

Our last stop was one of the assembly halls that Jane Austen writes about. The halls were so beautiful! Dancing in pretty dresses and drinking tea must have been so much fun. A word to the wise, if someone tells you to go to Sally Lunn's in Bath because the rolls are amazing, don't believe them. Sally Lunn stole the recipe from Costco. Today was a very good day.

An assembly room.

Audrey and I curtseying like ladies.

This one's for mom, and no, I didn't buy an outfit. :)


Jana said...

those baths look stinky nasty, and like pea soup.

i like the last picture. good one.

Emily said...

I love that british men love you and give you free sweets. Also, you dress nice and I miss you.

Emily said...
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Kayla said...

you look so pretty, even in Europe! Glad to see that hasnt changed!
I agree with Jana that bath looks sick-nast (hahahaha..gag me). Yet relaxing at the same time...weird.
P.s. you need to give me the down low on your "bold move"

Audrey said...

hahahahah I can't stop laughing at this..... hahahahhaaha oh man I cant wait for my waffle stand....