Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 7

We slept in. Late. Eventually we left our flat and went to Primark again. Primark has black friday crowds every day. Maybe I bought two more dresses, maybe I didn't. We also went to Harrod's again and this time I got a chocolate covered strawberry kabob. It was delicious. Then we walked to a sushi place called Itsu, it was a very good place. It had one of those crazy conveyor belts and you just pick the plates off the belt as it passes your table, it was so fun. Also, I used chopsticks(successfully) for the first time tonight. I'd feel really accomplished, except there was a six year old sitting behind me that could use them better. Our waiter was the worst waiter ever, he gave us a calculator and told us to figure out how to split the bill ourselves because he was too lazy. Well karma's a b, because guess what. I am bad at math, and I'm pretty sure we didn't give him enough money.

Me successfully using chopsticks, only you can't see the chopsticks...shame.

I am also bad with directions, because it took us an hour and a half to get back. We met a great guy who told us that we were breaking his heart because we didn't let him buy us drinks, and we didn't want to have a foursome with him, even though he was a virgin. We eventually found our way, but by the time we got back I felt the way my Primark bag looked: soggy, wrinkled, and abused.

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