Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 6

The only reason I woke up for breakfast today is because the centre has this magical juice that's only served in the morning. I don't even know what kind of juice it is, but it's so good. We had to be ready pretty early so my hair looks like it has all week! Yay! Seriously though, It looks like all of my pictures have been taken the same day and I've just been switching out coats and headbands...But anyway, Tower of London was first. It was a spooky place, also today was the coldest day EVER. I got to see the crown jewels, and I may or may not plan a jewelry heist so that I can be the owner of 535 carat diamond. I saw where Anne Boelyn's head got chopped off, carvings made by prisoners, and yeoman. If you have never met a yeoman I highly recommend you introduce yourself to one, they're very helpful. After the Tower of London we went to this heavenly place called Burroughs Market. It's just basically a lot of food in a 2 or 3 tents. We tasted cheese, curry, fruit, pastries, turkish delight, basically everything you could ever think of. I even took a bite of Audrey's ostrich burger, and when we go back next week, I'm ordering one. We walked around for, no lie, 6 hours. Our feet killed. So we rested them at Chicago! We got all dressed up and wore red lipstick for the occasion. We got half price tickets and the theater was small, so we had pretty decent seats. The show was good, but the chorus was just ok. There was one guy whose dance pants were 3 sizes too small and his beer belly would wiggle around every time he did his pelvic thrust move, it was a total turn off. But the show was good, and I want whoever played Amos to marry me. I'm falling asleep as I type this, we did so much today. Hopefully tomorrow we can go to Portabello Road, find a good pub, and plan our trip to Rome.

Sorority squat in front of the Tower of London.

Emma, Jenny, and I in front of the London Bridge.

Macey and I doing the FB pose.

Audrey and I guarding some crown jewels.

A Yeoman!

Chicago!(Please ignore the fact that I am posing like a fool...)
Also, my dress is one of the two from Primark!


mdiller said...

I didn't know you blog! I like the clock though, so I wont waste too much time here. Also, Laura Nielson is from my home stake. I cant really vouch for her, but her brothers pretty cool.

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Heather Lee said...

I'm a little jealous that you've tasted Turkish Delight. Mostly because I've wanted to know what it is since The Chronicles of Narnia. lol