Tuesday, December 13, 2011

World Gingerbread Competition Part 2

A  few weeks ago our ward had an auction, and my roommates and I entered the dating raffle. And well, we won 3 handsome men. We had the privilege of taking them out, and we decided to do yet another gingerbread competition. Same rules, same materials, new teams, and a new world champion.

The Contestants:

Team 1: 
Me and Stew
Egyptian Pryamid 

Team 2:
Anna and Eric
A Little House 

Team 3:
Willow and Nathan
A Castle 

Team 4:
Nathanial and Sabrina
A Cathedral 

Team 5:
Tais and Daniel
Santa Visiting a House

The Results:

5th Place! 

4th Place! 
How do I keep losing? That pyramid is awesome.

3rd Place! 

 2nd Place!

1st Place!

Here's to another fantastic WGC.

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