Monday, December 12, 2011

World Gingerbread Competition part 1

So my roommates and I did a weird thing, we asked boys on a date. I know, I know, we're a bunch of feminist freaks.

We planned the most intense gingerbread house competition we could.

The Contestants:

 TEAM 1: Me and Steven.

TEAM 2: Anna and Matt 

TEAM 3: Willow and Jake

The rules: 
Each team was given 30 minutes to build and decorate a gingerbread house.
After the 30 minutes of competition time expired two certified WGC(World Gingerbread Competition) judges arrived and examined the houses.
Shortly after the judge's departure the Master of Ceremonies arrived to announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners to the tune of "The Final Countdown."

The Masterpieces:

TEAM 1 - Rapunzel's Tower 

TEAM 2 - Neuschwanstein 

TEAM 3 - A Cathedral

It was a nail biter, but 

The Results:

 3rd place!

2nd place! 

1st place!

We had fun, and we hope the boys did too. 


emily said...

haha! Oh man, I like how you got 3rd place, but made sure your picture was first in the post.

Ally said...

AHHHH! I miss you!!! Looks like you're having a ton of fun!! :)