Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Relationship Paradox

Last night I was introduced to what the TAJ boys call "Man's Paradox." Only, they did tell me it can apply to women too. Basically, it means that your significant other can only possess two of the three qualities listed below. So if your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife is emotionally stable and intelligent, they're most likely not good looking.

If I could choose(which you can't always), I'd pick intelligent and emotionally stable. This doesn't mean I can't appreciate a handsome man, it just means I can't handle dumb and emotionally unstable men.

What would you pick?

(P.S. - Am I the only one who had NEVER heard of this?)


Tori Dumke said...

Too funny. I haven't heard it called this, but this triangle is queued in my Tumblr to be published tomorrow. Crazy!

Kelsey said...

well.... what if you do have all of the stuff in the triangles in your man and he is really good looking? haha what happens then?