Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Summer Fun

Aside from the fact that I'm generally stuck in class 5 days a week(only 3 weeks left!), I have had a lot of fun. Naturally I've documented this fun with an iPhone/Instagram(so trendy) and not a real camera. Sorry.

First up, Typhoon and the Decemberists played at the Twilight Concert Series. I liked Typhoon better, the Decemberists were extra whiny and extra lame. Also we counted 63 pairs of TOMS. OUT OF CONTROL UTAH, OUT OF CONTROL. Also the waffle place wasn't taking cards and the cookie place was closed, so I had to eat ice cream. Blah, first world problems.

The stage from our trusty blanket.

Katie and I are not serious or dirty enough to be hipsters.

A Michael sandwich!

Friday I flew to Minneapolis, and found this guy at the SLC airport. Also the Denver airport and I are great friends, GREAT FRIENDS.

That is absolutely a braided mullet twisted up into a bun.

Once I made it to sweaty(humid) Minneapolis it was non-stop fun for 72 hours. We saw a little bit of downtown, went to the Mall of America, had several adventures using public transportation, saw H.M.S. Pinafore, watched fireworks, got rained on, and caught the last 2 songs of the U2 concert.


Grant loving that we were at a musical.

Seriously funny, see it.

Love iPhone pictures.

In all seriousness, it was one fun weekend. Even the getting stuck in the rain part. I think I'm done with airports though, or at least riding next to unaccompanied minors that try to fight me for control of the arm rest.

PS - A random picture of Katie wearing a giant bowl as a hat.


Ally said...

I can't believe you went to the mall of America! I soooooooo Jealous! :)

Roxxy Cambridge said...

Jeallllous! It looks like you had some serious fun :)


miss chaz. said...

I too loooove instagram.

p.s. I have heard the same thing about the Decemberists...I will note to never see them.