Monday, April 4, 2011

The iPhone documented our weekend.

Last weekend we went to Vegas for Jana's second bridal shower and I only took four pictures the entire time. Not to mention they are iphone photos, so they are extra terrible. We had a really fun time though! And, I'll work on getting the pretty pictures from the shower. (The food was delicious.) Until then, four boring photos and a video:

Hailey is the cutest.

I know I look like a noob.

I need these sandals.

And this ring.

After the bridal shower was done, we spent our weekend doing things like this:

Or in other words, nothing.

I miss Las Vegas already.


Jana said...

I am pretty sure that there was one other photo taken. Specifically of Grant. Where he was a bit heavier than normal...

miss chaz. said...

i love that outfit.
and those shoes.
you make iphone pics look good.

Amy said...

i'm just going to go ahead and say what everyone is and grant will have gorgeous babies..