Monday, March 14, 2011

Scotland's Burning.

Thursday night my computer charger caught on fire. Don't worry, I stomped it out. The nerds at Simply Mac informed me that they don't sell my charger anymore and they have no idea where I can find a new one. So until I can find one online, I'm using this crapper:

It is seriously miniature. It also refuses to play videos. GHETTO.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this gem today:

In high school we had a girls only club called the SS. We mostly baked brownies, wrote notes to each other, and tried to come up with ways to annoy the boys. Our pranks generally consisted of car paint, lacrosse stick theft, getting DMac to fake suspend them, and moving their trucks from their normal parking spots to the farthest spot possible. Once at Disneyland the boys named themselves the Lost Boys, and ran around Downtown Disney in a line. WEIRDOS. From then on the Lost Boys and the SS were at war. I don't remember what we did to warrant this love note, but it's a treasure. My favorite part is the you suck ^ on ice.


Michael Williams said...

Schutzstaffel? A bit edgy for high school girls, wouldn't you say?


Jana said...

hahaha. Scotland's burning, scotland's burning, look out, look out. FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE! Pour on water pour on water!