Friday, December 3, 2010

The person I've been closest with the longest.

Jana (no middle name) Laidlaw

We've dined together,

lost together,

won together,

been awkward together,

and been hookers together.

We're coming up on our 18th year anniversary, presh.


Matt Lents said...

Classy hookers at least.

Kayla said...

dude. swim picture, your legs look so good.
I love the awkward picture. Its definitely awkward.

Kaleena J. said...

Seriously, this post is adorable!

clare said...

i love these girls!

Jana said...

hahahahahaha. oh man, you forgot to mention that when we "won" together, we also really were losing. and yeah, that awkward picture is awkward. i loved that leather jacket.

Hailey said...

so presh.

Kendall Kerns said...

Danielle & I just passed our 18th year mark. we're still looking for a way to celebrate. Want to join in?