Friday, November 5, 2010

A Really Good Memory

I have a pretty good memory, particularly when it comes to things that don't matter. Weird little facts about politics, shoes, and food take up all my memory space. And, I remember a lot of things that I don't consider super important until much later. For instance, one friday night at heritage halls Michael Pulsipher, Trent Earl, Jana Laidlaw, Michael Buckley and I all made salsa and watched Disturbia. It sounds pretty average, but I've never had so much fun. It helps that they were all individually funny, and together hilarious. We laughed until we were red in the face, we had to run to the bathroom on more than one occasion, and at least 2 people spewed salsa all over the rest of us. We probably told 150 stories about life-guarding, bee-keeping, BYU, and dating. Even as I'm re-reading this post, I realize how ridiculously average it sounds, but I'll remember that conversation forever. Funny friends are the best friends.

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Jana said...

oh man, that was a good day.