Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Craziest Friend

Alana Lee. She's not a crazy person, but together we just lose it. Like the time neither one of us had a license, but we took casey's truck for a ride anyway. Or the time we stayed out until midnight on a Thursday and then blew through every red light on Ann Rd. Or the time she dared me to kiss Jesse Buck. Or the time we ate an entire costco-sized tub of cookie dough. Or the time Jessica and I got stranded in St. George, we shoved snow down each others' pants, and then all slept in the same twin bed. Or the time I was driving through St. George, we met up for lunch, and 3 hours later were still talking. Or the time we were seniors in high school and trying to hook up with RMs. Long story short, life is so much more exciting with Alana. And, the best part is, we can go months without seeing each other and pick up the crazy exactly where we left off.

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Kaleena J. said...

Hooray for best friends!