Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Vegas Vacation

We took a road trip to Vegas. Well for Grant, Paul, and Katie it was road trip, for Kayla and I it was a return to home sweet home.

We left Thursday afternoon and had a fantastic 5 hour drive. Top 20 on 20, not the best radio station for a road trip, but I do know all of the words to the 20 most what-you-want songs in North America. As soon as we got to Vegas we made a quick stop by the Temple so that Paul and Katie could see how glorious it is. Honestly, I think it is the most beautiful Temple in the world.

Friday we woke up semi-early to eat at the Original Pancake House, and it was delicious. We the made our way to Town Square to do a little shopping. H&M brought back many happy London memories. After we had shopped to our hearts' content, well my and Katie's hearts' content, we headed back to my house to go for a swim. We had so much fun just hanging out in my pool and playing games, it made me really miss getting to swim everyday. That night we fed ourselves Buffalo Wild Wings and then watched an X-Men movie back at my house.


Saturday morning I had to wake up super early to get my driver's license renewed at the DMV. The DMV = the most inefficient place on the planet. I stood in line to have my picture taken(which I'm sure looks horrendous) for 1.5 hours. It did give me an ample amount of time to people watch though. Crazies hang out at the DMV, that is for sure. Then it was off to the Fashion Show Mall where we visited the largest Forever 21 I have ever been in. Seriously, visual overload. Katie and I gave ourselves 45 minutes and then we had to get out. It was a very successful shopping trip though. Then we got to eat at the Nordstrom Cafe and I died and went to heaven. But, on our way out of the cafe, some little boy puked EVERYWHERE. Seriously, it was like little puke land mines were surrounding the exit. I had to literally plug my nose and shut my eyes so that I wouldn't throw up. We ended up at the Wynn so that Paul could check out some poker, hit up the Bellagio gardens, ate gelato in the Miracle Mile, and then met up at BJ's for dinner. BJ's is my favorite, but not Grant's favorite. We went back to the strip to watch the Bellagio fountains, drool over City Center, and visit Paris. We finished it up at the Las Vegas sign. It was a very successful and touristy evening.

The girls and Paul.

I have about 100 pictures of Grant on my camera.


All the girls at City Center.

Our vacation crew!

We are so funny.

Best roommate picture ever.

Sunday we packed up, went to church, and made our way back to PTown.

It was a good vacation, I'm sad summer is almost over. Hopefully August won't go by too fast.

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