Saturday, May 1, 2010

Days 89 & 90

Saturday was a trip down a crowded Portabello Road, a pretty picnic in the park, platform 9 3/4, and dinner at Tortilla. Perfect day.

Portabello, so crowded.



I am going to Hogwarts.

Sunday was the last time I'd visit the Wandsworth Commons Ward for awhile. I have never loved a ward more than the Wandsworth Ward, their faith and service touched me so deeply. They are some of the strongest members of the church that I have ever met, and I feel so grateful and blessed to have met them. I'll miss those sweet little kids, the excruciating hymns, and Marta. Marta is great. After church we took a trip to Spittafield Market. It was such a pretty Sunday.

Funny kids.

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