Friday, April 16, 2010

81,82, & 83

It' s only a few weeks late, calm down.

Friday: We flew out of Liverpool, it was maybe a 45 min. flight. Perfect amount of time. But, we were on Ryanair again, so there were trumpeting horns, and they kept trying to sell me hamburgers and perfume. They seriously think they're a cruise line. Anyway, we hailed a cab to Dublin, and our cabdriver was kind of dumb. He was out to rip us off, and he did. We ended up at the wrong hotel, but once we found the right hotel, we were excited because it was nice! We dropped our bags off and then walked down Temple Bar, we ended up eating dinner at an Italian place, and then eating dessert at a different Italian place haha. Apple Crumbles are delicious. We ended up trying to figure out our flight plans at this little internet cafe, and the guy working there was seriously insane. He yelled at Audrey, and then Brit yelled at him. Oh, and we forgot that it was Good Friday so everything was basically closed. Still fun though.

Saturday: We woke up early for our bus tour, and that bus tour took us out to a castle and up and down the coast. It was beautiful and our tour guide was great! Not at all like Tony. After the tour we ate lunch, shopped around, and then went to visit Trinity College. It started pouring rain and we got drenched. So, we went back to the hotel, changed our clothes, and then went to dinner. After dinner we got to watch and Irish dancing show, and it was crazy. I have never seen legs move that fast. The lead dancer's name was Tom and his leg was probably the size of my arm, but he could move those little legs so fast! We ended up seeing Tom later, at a pub that we went to on our pub crawl. Irish men are like Italian men, they like blondes. After our pub crawl we went back to the hotel and crashed.

Best breakfast ever.

I could eat this every day.

Malahide Castle.

Ireland really is green.

I love scaffoldig.

Irish Coast.

Trinity College.

Sunday: Easter! We ate Easter breakfast at Starbucks, grabbed at taxi(our driver was much better, and not a con artist), hopped on a plane and flew back to London. We didn't get back in time for the Easter program, but we did get back in time for General Conference and it was fantastic! I love General Conference. It was a pretty good Easter, but I did miss being able to eat dinner with Mom, Dad, Tutu, Papa, and the girls.

Overall Ireland was fun, and beautiful. It probably would have been more fun if I were a heavy drinker, but I liked it.

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