Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Days 16, 17, & 18

This post has pictures! And stories...

Monday was the day of reckoning. We had an Oliver Twist quiz, and I'm happy to say there were 10 out of 10s for everyone! So we celebrated at Nando's! I really love that chicken place, and not just because they have free refills. But before I tell you the next story, you need some background info. The BYU London Centre is on Palace Court in Knotting Hill. We live right across from Hyde Park, down the street from Kensington Palace, and very near the embassies. Long story short, we live in a pretty swanky part of London. Which is why it came as a complete shock to us when saw a poor little old man get robbed right across the street! He had just walked out of the bank when he yelled, "Stop those men! Stop those thieves!" A few good samaritans chased after the thief, but they didn't end up catching him. It's like we were literally watching a scene from Oliver. It was heart-breaking to see that poor man looking so forlorn, and we all walked home holding our purses a little tighter and talking about what we would do if someone tried to steal our bags. I assured Macy and Emma that I could take care of them because I grew up in the hood, and I'm positive they feel safer. The excitement didn't stop there though. Around 2:30am we woke up to the loudest ringing noise I have ever heard in my life. I kind of laid in bed for a few minutes wondering if it was someone's alarm, and then I realized that it was more likely a fire alarm. After I finally figured out what it was, I panicked. See, I don't wear pants to bed, it gets hot. So I stumbled down the ladder of the bunk bed, with Maddy yelling at me to hurry and found my shoes and grabbed my leather jacket. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw that I was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt, a leather jacket, and leather loafers, but no pants. I have no idea why I was so flustered, but it took me a few minutes to find my sweatpants and the whole time I just kept thinking that I was going to burn to death in my room, in my underwear. It was a nightmare. We all ended up downstairs in the lobby(by this time I had pants on) and eventually we found out that the old lady that lives next door left her oven on and open, and that's what triggered the alarm. Luckily, there was not smoke or actual fire.

I don't usually take pictures of only my feet, but I had to show you these awesome shoes from Camden Market.

Attitudes were out in full force Tuesday, because of the midnight parade down the stairs and we were all so tired we just stayed in and did homework. After our portion-controlled dinner, we set off to try and get into The Woman in Black. We finally got tickets and were very happy. The play was very good, and the acting was fantastic. I even jumped a few times.

We are finally holding tickets to the Woman in Black!

Today, Wednesday, we woke up bright and early to head off to Brighton to find the regiment and dance with officers. Really though, we went to see the palace at Brighton, which looks as though it could have been built in India. It was very pretty inside and at the gift shop Audrey and I found some adorable teapots. We had a photoshoot on the pier, and I'd really love to go back to Brighton when the sun is out and I'm wearing a swimsuit instead of a coat.

Royal Pavillion

Audrey and I(I'm never going to wear this hat in pictures again..)

Brighton, the location of my future summer home.

The sun came out and we put our sunglasses on faster than you can say overcast.

Brighton Pier, too bad the rides were closed.

Brighton Pier again.

The whole lot of us.

45 minutes later we found ourselves at Battle Abbey, the sight of the Battle of Hastings(it's Hastings day today) and had another photoshoot. The Abbey has been modified and added to and basically abandoned so we just walked around the pretty english countryside. It was really, really cold today. After Battle Abbey we ended up at Hayden's, a little cafe in Rye for dinner which was very tasty. We finished our very long, successful day with waffles! But, in order to ensure that I do not gain 50 pounds, Tuesday is the official waffle day from here on out. Tomorrow we're beginning Jennypalooza, she's turning 20!

Battle Abbey

Macy and I guarding our Damsel.

By night we're Black Leather, and by day we're the Ladies in Scarves.

Such a loyal subject.

We had a group ANTM challenge.

This picture doesn't do the countryside justice.

Hedwig came and sat on my shoulder.

Cute candy shop!


P.S. My roommates informed me that I snore. How embarrassing.
P.P.S. I desperately need someone to teach me how to make the photos on here larger, can anyone help a girl out?

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