Sunday, August 24, 2008

i leave today

so i leave today. all of my things are packed and in the expedition. dad wanted to take the honda, but i own way too many pairs of shoes for that to ever happen. my room is gone, well not literally, but ally now resides in the room that i called home for more than 7 years. you know maybe it's because i've lived in the same house and neighborhood my whole life, but the thing is i really really really do not like change and right now all of this wretched change is a little overwhelming. i'm not saying that i don't want to go to byu because i do more than anything. i know it's going to be the best time of my life, everyone that's gone there has told me so, but i'm still a little sad. i never expected to feel like i didn't live here anymore. i guess that's what happens when you grow up though.


Mikki said...

Good Luck Caitlin!! I hope you really love your time at BYU. I'm sure you will, once you get adjusted to all the changes. I feel ya' on the change thing. I hate it too. It'll probably take you a little while to adjust. I remember when I left home, I was very lonely for a little while. But, eventually you settle in to the routine, and start making memories. And, I'm sure, you'll always have a place at home. :o)

themechams said...

Growing up is never easy. Just remember, pretty much everyone you meet at the Y will have gone through some major changes to be there, so you will have a common bond. These years will be some of the best of your life and you will always remember them fondly. YOU are going to be wonderful! We Mechams will be praying for you!
LOve Christine, Doug and the kids

Jana said...

CAYGAY I MISS YOU AND YOU HAVENT EVEN BEEN GONE FOR LIKE 10 HOURS. also, i will be joining you in about three days. it just feels weird that we are leaving. well, i am leaving and youa re gone. oh gosh!

the boyd family said...

how's class??? what's going on? i thought about you tuesday the 2nd for your first day!!!! isn't it nice not being in school ALL day long!!!