Thursday, August 8, 2013

The 4th | 2013

This year I celebrated America's birthday with Dad and Em. Like usual we ate really good food, went to the movie theater, and sang our little hearts out to Kelly Clarkson. 

The Stadium of Fiyaaaaaaaah! 

So I have this wish, and it's to see really famous songs sung live. Which I guess is a wish that most concert goers have, but this is a little more specific. I want to see the songs that made people famous sung live. At the Stadium of Fire, I killed two birds with one stone. We heard Carly Rae Jeppson's "Call Me Maybe," and best of all, we heard Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone." That song is just good. So maybe we took two really crappy videos to document this momentous occasion. I dare you not to sing along. 

Texas Roadhouse for the rolls. 

 Emily's killin it.

Em's first time a J Dawgs.  

We're all a bunch of weirdos, so it's a good thing we love being weird together. 

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