Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An NYC Adventure

When Orbitz gives you the chance to go to NYC and back for $260, you take it. Especially when it means you get to hang out with Brother and Sister Cummings, the coolest primary teachers in all of New York City.

It also means your flight leaves Utah at midnight, and you get stuck between two dudes the size of NFL lineman.

But nothing will fix a tiny case of jetlag faster than a nap with Simon & Remington and cupcakes in Soho.

That night we skyped with Sister Stolworthy and found out she'll be serving in the Columbia South Carolina Mission! We're all pretty excited, and prematurely planning our trip to pick her up in eighteen months. 

Friday we took our puffy coats out on the town. We hit up Time Square, Grand Central Station/Grand Central Market, and a secret hamburger joint to name a few. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't keep New York from feeling almost electric. The weather actually reminded me of London, and I felt that big city nostalgia bad. 

Don't fret, I have so many more pictures of that black puffy coat. See you tomorrow. 

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Jana said...

I love everything about this post except for that you called me Sister Cummings.