Thursday, March 1, 2012

These guys.

How handsome are they?

We stayed at the Capitol until 11pm last night. We mostly just did fun stuff like, debate public lands and amend a vehicle safety inspection bill 100 times. While we were working it was snowing. 

It's no secret that I hate snow. I don't jokingly hate it, I seriously hate it.

So when I got outside and saw the 4 inches of snow and ice piled on top of my car, I was mad. I was scraping and cursing for maybe 30 seconds before a few green coats(sergent-at-arms) popped up out of no where and scraped off my whole car in a minute. 

Their kindness made me cry. And it's not just because I was sleep-deprived. It's also not just the snow-scraping. It's the winks, and the jokes, and the holding the door when my arms are full(of Dr. Pepper.) They're just nice guys.

I work with good people, and the Third House ladies are no exception. I'll be more than a little sad to say goodbye next week.

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Lori said...

oh i just love this. even the dr. pepper part.