Friday, April 15, 2011

Things you don't do in Young Womens

Auds and I participated in our very first pinewood derby last night. Maybe we only participated because we knew the prize was Yogurtland, maybe we didn't.

After we put the glitter on the little truck it started to look like some tricked out ghetto low-rider.

Auds worked feverishly on our sculptures.

They're a perfect likeness, and yes, I am that busty in real life.

Then we dressed up like Sandy from Grease, it was our official team uniform.

The Shoe raced better than we thought it would, but it ended up winning "Prettiest," and "Most Complicated," which we feel represents us pretty well.

And now Auds and I each have $10 to Yogurtland which is fantastic, because Yogurtland is the best. Especially the Toasted Coconut.

Also, this car was hilarious.


Jordan Moody said...

This is the best blog post of 2011.

Danielle Renee said...

I like the Sandy outfits.

lauren said...

you have yogurtland in utah? my favorite flavor is the red velvet cupcake. yum! Your shoe looks awesome! Good job.

Macy Dawn said...

I have never been to a Yogurtland, but I know we have comparable yogurt shops here in NOLA, so I am super jealous that you have some $$$ to spend there :)

Maddalena said...


c. claire said...

this the most awesomest thing i have ever seen.


xo chaz