Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It has been 16 days since my last post.

Plenty has happened, and naturally I do not have any pictures to share.

Most importantly Mom and Dad came to visit and we had a fabulous time. They came bearing the gift of girl scout cookies and in return, I introduced them to Texas Roadhouse. It was one fun weekend, I miss them already.

Valentine's Day weekend was a very pleasant surprise, but the half naked cupid was not.

Can you believe February is practically over? I'm not complaining, because really, it is time for this semester and this winter weather to be over.

There is a swimsuit on J. that I should have purchased two weeks ago, because it is now sold out. I really hate when that happens.

Sarah's bridal shower was massive amounts of fun. Who doesn't love mini high school reunions?

Speaking of mini high school reunions, I spent most of Monday talking on the phone to Jessica and Kayla. I love them.

Arcade Fire & Janelle Monae will be in Orem. Dream come true.

The most perfect job just opened up, cross your fingers for me.

I want to go camping. I know, crazy. Who have I become?

All sorts of fun things are coming up, like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and Audrey's St. Patrick's Day party. I promise to take pictures, and I promise not to be boring.

Until then:

The Kate Spade spring lookbook. I love it.

I can't wait to hear this voice in person.


Wasdensc said...

hmmm, camping huh? I thought you said you hated bugs. Well, if you don't want any bugs, now would be the time to go. If you really want to go, lemme know, I can hook you up so you won't freeze! Ha ha ha!

Monica said...

Remember how I said we needed common ground so we can do things without Katie?'s perfect. We should go camping.

Ashley said...

hahaha i like you already~! this is so cute..... ! ive never been camping... is that wierd?!