Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Someone(s) that had the biggest impact on me.

I am so lucky Sarah Anderson, or I guess Sarah Passey these days, let me each lunch with her the first day of freshmen year. I was so scared, and I was so afraid that i'd have to eat my lunch in the bathroom. Sarah saved me from that embarrassment though, and then Alana transferred to Mojave and suddenly I had a this nice big group friends. I didn't know them all that well at first, but student council, swim team, and a bunch of classes helped me get to know them better. Parker and I were in homecoming court together and when we both lost, vowed it was rigged. Taylor watched me fall on my butt in the courtyard at Mojave and graciously ignored it. Sarah and I had 1000 heart to hearts at a variety of fast food establishments. Kendall and I were swim team captains and had nice long chats on the bus to meets. Jesse always knew how to make me feel like I was looking good. Raiven made the laurel class hilarious, and her faith strengthened my testimony so much. Wesley was my first dance and first date. Jess and I cried everything out, together. Alana and I made plans, set goals, and ate buckets of cookie dough. Steve-O was the best prom date ever. Jana came to every Legacy event in the history of the world, and she didn't even go there. Atkin had a knack for telling me to stop being so dramatic. Kayla was my long lost twin, and the only one that put up with my love for high school musical, tropical smoothie, and colbie callait. Tyson had a real talent for getting on my nerves, but at the same time knew me better than anyone. Each of their personalities made a big impact on me, and I'm so lucky that I got to know them, and that they know me.

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