Monday, October 11, 2010

Dad comes to town.

This weekend Dad paid us a little visit. He brought me a new phone(that I love.) And it has a hilarious app that makes me look like this:

Clearly what I would look like if waffles were still around the corner.

Saturday we walked over to Sensuous Sandwich and then walked over to the stadium because we had tickets to the BYU game. It was very clear they only won because I was there. They seriously played like crap. After the game we walked over to Gloria's for dinner, and we've all decided it is overrated. We ended the night with hazelnut hot chocolate and a movie! We saw Life As We Know It, and it was very cute. Dad is so good to us.

Sunday we went to church and then met Dad in Salt Lake. We decided to be tourists for a day, and paid a visit to the state capitol and the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Monday we ate at Sensuous Sandwich again(Dad really liked it,) and then said our goodbyes. Provo gets 1000 times better when parents come to visit.


Kaleena J. said...

Nice pictures. :) I watched the BYU game and I live right by the capital. Very pretty area.

Cardon & Whitney said...

What a fun visitor to have!! My dad is coming to visit me soon too and I can't wait!! And yes, I LOVE the camera. I've only taken 1 picture though, but I would definitely recommend it. it's pretty fun.

Jana said...

Y'all are cute. Just kidding, I don't say ya'll. But really, you are cute. Minus the chubby picture, but even that one is kind of endearing.