Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lately(with pictures.)

While I was homeless it was hard to blog, and by hard, I mean impossible. I usually hijack my aunt's neighbor's wifi while I'm staying there, but I think they've caught on to me. Anyway and few things worth mentioning happened and here are some photos to go with the update.

I think I mentioned before that Dad and Ally came up, and we did a lot of fun things. We saw Big River at Sundance, Ally ate at her first bar, we rode horses, Ally ate at her second bar, and we strolled through downtown Park City. The horses were terrifying. In fact, they were even scarier than I thought they would be, and I have a vivid imagination when it comes to what horses will or will not do to you. Not to mention, my horse "Flash," is the slowest horse on the planet. They kept telling me to kick him so he would go faster. There is no way I would kick a horse, it would just get angry at me and buck me off. I don't think I'll hop back on a horse anytime soon.

Al was so ready.

Dad's horse ate the whole time.

Al's little horse.

Dudley Do-Right.

The whole lot of us. Check out our headless guide! Ps- there is "Flash" the slowest horse ever.

The helmet was choking me, and the horses were wandering directly toward the camera.

Once Dad and Alejandro left, I moved up to SLC for a week or two. I got to spend some quality time with Lani and the boys, and that's always fun! Dawson even had a birthday! Here are some pictures:

Working hard to put out the flames.

D's face once he realized they were trick candles.

The birthday boy!

Conman! This little guy just broke his arm, hope it feels better!

I am the greatest cousin in the world for buying that hat. Look at his face, pure joy.

Then after a few days at Lani's, Mom and Emily showed up. Then we were ALL sleeping at Lani's and it was crowded. Plus there are two twin beds at Lani's, so she set up an air mattress and I volunteered to sleep on it. I thought I was getting a good deal since the air mattress was twice as big as the twin, but it turns out the mattress had a leak. I had to re-inflate my bed every 2 hours ... not the greatest night of sleep. But, it was fun to have Mom and Em there. We got all moved in, Em started school, and Mom left.

I'm still not really unpacked. I mean, my clothes are unpacked, but i'm procrastinating with the rest of it. If I need it, i'll unpack it. Most of my things will probably remain in boxes until next August.

Lastly, school Started! Yay! My classes are really interesting, it's going to be a good semester, I can tell. Here Emily and I are on my first day of school and her 5th day of school. Don't we look so collegiate!

Happy 5th day of school!

The squinty eye sabotages me every time!


kara lynn said...

i looove your outfit. and the shoes. i am wanting some of those baad!

Kayla said...

i miss you.
are those pants from jcrew? they look good.

chazilyn + patrick said...

tell you a secret..horses freak me out too! i love them but i hate them. trail riding is super fun, though.

annnd you and em look like you fell out of a magazine and landed in lovely puddle of hottness. seriously. so in love with the outfits! how fun you seesters get to live and go to school together.