Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's 2:12am and i'm feeling nostalgic.

Firstly, to start this post off on a good note, I got the job at the GAP! Hooray! I don't think there are any words that can express how happy I am to quit at APX. The joy I felt after I gave my 2 weeks is comparable to the birth of a child. I realize that I may be exaggerating the horrors of APX, but it is by no means, a desirable job.

Nextly, Ally, Dad, and I had some fun up in Park City, but I will post those pictures when I find where I have packed my camera away. It's annoying to have all of my things packed up for the next week and a half, but I did get everything cleaned and hauled out before the Aspen Ridge guy came knocking. Speaking of, Katie said he just glanced around to see if things "looked" clean. I think I know why my room was totally nasty last fall ...

On to the nostalgia. I'm sitting in our empty apartment, and it's reminding me of when I first moved in to the infamous Reynolds. Jana and I found this apartment online, walked our butts down to check it out freshmen year, and decided it looked decent enough. I met Lauren the first day I moved in and I remember Dean helping her move in, and that I liked her shirt. It turns out Lauren and I liked a lot of the same things and I am so glad she moved in! She introduced us to the Happy Sumo, we partied at Spark, and we had a lot of fun! She should move back to Provo(hint.) I met Rui the second day oddly enough, and found out she was getting baptized that Saturday. I still don't know her very well, but I do know she owes me $60 in utilities. Anyway, Jana moved in, Jeffrey put together my Ikea chair, and Reynolds #201 gave us a pretty decent fall semester. There were a couple failed ward missionary get-togethers hosted here, a few movie nights, many Gossip Girl and Glee nights, and not a single FHE activity. It was a good time. Then I went to London for a semester(a place I still miss everyday, by the way), and had 4 months of wonderful experiences. I came back a different girl, a better one hopefully, and I moved back into #201. A different room, and 2 new roommates later, you get the current Reynolds crew. Katie moved in and literally transformed the place. It looked completely different and so much better. Kayla moved up and our group was complete. We made lists, lived in only our underwear, and talked with accents. We spent a considerable amount of time together in my car, particularly in the McDonalds drive-thru. We creeped on people in the parking lot together, made new friends, and ate out a lot. I don't remember ever having this much fun in Provo. Our roadtrip to Vegas only made us better friends, and I seriously could not have asked for two better roommates. This is embarrassing, but I'm getting all teary just writing about how much I'm going to miss living here with them. Our late night convos were the best, and I'll probably end up begging them to videochat with me every night, while we sit on our respective couches in our underwear, drinking soda.

Katie- I'm glad you're just going to live right across the street and I'm really glad you decided to move in after London. Oh, and I'm also really glad that you're staying in Provo, even if it means you're internshipless. Thanks for decorating, having dinner on the table, coming to my Preach My Gospel lessons, and getting guys to come over. You better not ignore me come August 26.

Kayla-I am seriously going to miss you. Just a warning, but I may call you every day in the beginning. I'm afraid I'm going to have separation anxiety. I love that you came to live up here, and that I got to know you better. I couldn't believe that we have even more in common than we originally thought, crazy. You'll rock UNLV, but then this winter come rock BYU. I can't wait for the monthly visits and Disneyland!

Every time I leave a place I'm always surprised at how much fun I had there, and how great of friends I made. I think that means that I just generally need to have a better attitude toward new places, new people, and new experiences. I don't handle change very well. When I was 6 years old my parents sold our Honda and I cried because I didn't get to say goodbye to it. I also cried when my parents even mentioned moving, my last day of high school, leaving heritage halls, watching my friends go on missions, when Flora died, when I had to get rid of my favorite black flats, on my way to London, on my way home from London, and now while packing up the Reynolds. I clearly don't like change, and I cry a lot. But, I have resolved to do better. With this blog as my witness, I promise to have a positive attitude about my new apartment, my new roommates, my new ward, and my new classes.

I'm going to end this lengthy post, sorry there aren't any pictures.

I really am excited for this next semester, it's going to be good, I can feel it.

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Kayla said...

I know this is a late comment. But I am so sad right now. I dont know what I'm going to do when i have a really good day, or meet a new boy, or really need to vent. You have been such a good friend to me and I'm really going to miss you. You better pick up my phone calls even when I call you about something stupid and uneventful. I also want to hear about every date, every make out, every crush, ever new plan in your future. Ok?