Monday, June 28, 2010

We had fun this weekend.

Fun, fun, fun. Friday I didn't have to go to work, so I lounged around, ran errands, and bought Lillith Fair tickets! Then, Friday night we hiked "Y" mountain. We = Amy, Audrey, Kayla, and I. The hike was a tad bit more difficult than I remember AND I did eat quite a few waffles in London. It was fun though, and the view is pretty great. We celebrated our success with Yozone!(Go there and get the coconut, it is so delicious.)

Before the hike. Check out the goof behind us.

Kayla thinks she's a Rebel, but she's really a Cougar.



Saturday I had to wake up bright and early for work. Let me tell you, people are even more cranky on a Saturday morning when you're trying to update their billing information. After work we got ready for the pirate party! We got eye patches at the dollar store, and I even had a sword. Plus, we had some sweet tattoos. The dance itself, was fully of 12 year olds. But, dressing up was pretty fun.

Sunday I forgot I had a pirate tattoo, and I ended up giving the prayer in Sacrament meeting with a skull and cross bones on my collar bone. Sunday night we wore our most patriotic outfits and went to the America Celebration at the Marriott Center. The program was really nice, and the military band was so perfect. The sweet WW2 veteran that gave the Pledge of Allegiance was the best part, sorry Steve Young. Then we introduced our apt. at ward prayer and had some fellow 24th warders over for a game night.

We were pretty darn social this weekend and it was fun.

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