Friday, June 11, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I feel like I'm posting like a madwoman lately, but there's just so much going on, I can't help it.

Raiven got married today! Jessica spent the night at my house and we ended up talking late into the night (like always), so we woke up a little sleepy. But the sleepiness was easy to shake because we were so excited for Rai's wedding! We drove to the Temple bright and early and got there just in time to see Raiven and Carson walk out together! I really can't wait until I can actually go to the Sealing, but watching them come out so happy is the next best thing. We took about 100 million pictures, and then went to the luncheon. The luncheon was so pretty and the food so tasty. Plus Carson sang Raiven a song, and it was just adorable. Then it was off to set up the reception, which turned out beautifully I might add. In between the set-up and the actual party I had to get a Coke, I was so tired...and Coke is so good. The reception itself was a huge success! The cultural hall looked beautiful and everyone had so much fun! I may or may not have loitered near the meat balls and chocolate fountain the entire night...

Waiting and waiting ...

Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

More wedding party members.

The flowers were super, in fact, they made us super heros.

All of the girls.

All of the girls being crazy.

It was so much fun to see Raiven and Carson so happy! I don't know where all the time has gone, but everyone is so grown up! In a few years we'll all be married-friends and Raiven, Sarah, and Kayla will have little babies!

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