Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As of Late.

A lot have things have been going down in the hood.

Hailey got all dressed up and went to her 8th grade dance. You don't graduate from 8th grade, but Hailey was Cram Middle School's 8th grade Valedictorian. Pretty and smart.

I went back down to Vegas for the 98th time to play the piano for Emily's Spring Concert. Here Emily is singing her little heart out.

And, here I am looking like a fool at the piano.

Then we had a bridal shower for Raiven! She got all sorts of pretty things, and Kata even made her a pretty little hat. I'm sure Rai wears it everyday, and I'm sure Kata would be more than willing to make more pretty little hats and sell them in an Etsy shop.

I look like Quasimoto because I'm writing down names, it's what I do at every shower.

Raiven got a fantastic, stimulating, summer read.

Here's her pretty little hat.

Today Emily graduated! She looked so pretty and grown up! It was at the Thomas and Mack Center because her class was enormous. They were reading names for days. I am also so surprised at how crazy some of the parents were behaving. A few things that are not appropriate for a graduation: wearing bikini tops, air horns, silly string, yelling, "hey baby girl," during someone's speech, oh, and throwing water bottles. Anyway, Emily was great, and her solo was even better. We celebrated her entrance to adulthood at Pei Wei and it was delicious. Now she's hittin' up the party circuit. I can't believe she's a high school graduate, I swear I was just doing this yesterday.

There she is.

The graduate!

Yes, I wear this yellow dress everywhere.

Singin' her solo on the big screen.

The whole family. Dad is wearing a purse, and our faces are shiny because the sun was melting us.

We were pretending to be a CW t.v. show.

Papa is the greatest.

Emily got her first pair of pearl earrings, and Dad liked them too.

The girls, my arm looks like it will never end.

Tomorrow is Raiven's bachelorette party, and then Friday is her wedding! All of these trips to Vegas have been so busy they made the month of May completely disappear. Anyway, more to come of the future celebrations.

Oh and watch this clip. I have never wanted to see an animated movie more.


lauren said...

Your whole family must be smart and pretty! I miss you. And I love the Ken clip!

Jana said...

oh precious. i'm feeling super homesick for your whole family all of a sudden. is that weird? probably.