Monday, January 11, 2010

Days 1 & 2

I've finally arrived in jolly ol' England. My flight Thursday was cancelled because of some bad weather, so I flew out Saturday night. The flight was so boring. I was excited to go, but after a cancelled flight and 2 goodbye dinners, the whole thing was kind of anti-climatic. Anyway, 10 hours later I was standing inside the London Centre. The centre is amazing, it's a little tiny townhouse that's been around forever. The room I sleep in is on the top floor, so I get a great butt work-out. We sleep in bunk-beds which is bringing back so many great memories. I did get top bunk, and I'm pretty sure I won't fall off. The showers are crazy. From the inside the glass looks blurred, and really they should turn the doors around, because from the outside it's a clear view of naked you. Anyway, for the rest of Sunday, I unpacked, got to know my roommates, and had a fireside. I tried to go to bed at a decent time, but my jet lag was bad.
Today, I bought a tube pass! We went to the London Museum, which is basically a history about the number of times London was conquered. After the museum we went to a pub, and apparently a baked potato is really called a potato jacket, weird. Also, refills of any kind are unheard of. Next, we went to St. Paul's and it was beautiful. It was unbelievably ornate. They have a great UK/American WW2 monument and Lawrence of Arabia is buried in the crypts. Plus Princess Diana got married there, so it must be special. From there we went to the Millennium bridge which is the cool twisty one that gets destroyed in HP6. Maybe we have a guide to HP sights, maybe we don't. Classes start tomorrow, and hopefully we'll fit a little shopping in. I really want a crepe.
Liza, Maddy, and I under a pretty arch.

Liza and I at the Lord Raglan pub.

Maddy, Mary Kate, and Tori at the Lord Raglan.

Queen Anne, pigeons like to poop on her head.

St. Paul's!

A cute little house.

Another cute little house.

St. Paul's again.
PS-Driving on the left is trippy.
PPS-Ignore my terrible camera job.
PPPS-No, I was not trying to be artsy and angle-y, it's just hard to fit all of St. Paul's in one shot ok.

*I realize this is one or two days late...


Heather Lee said...

I'm so jealous! I've wanted to live in London since I was 14. It looks absolutely lovely, and I'm sure you'll have an awesome time! Can't wait to hear (read) about it.

Jana said...

i love the colorful doors!!!