Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

I really, truly wish I lived somewhere that put on a giant Veteran's Day parade. I love Veteran's Day. I used to love it because it meant a day out of school, but now I love it because it helps me remember. Today, in my political science classes it was especially recognized, and we watched video after video. I could lie and say I didn't tear up, but I did. I couldn't help it, with every image of a decorated, dignified, aged, war veteran I had overwhelming feelings of respect and gratitude. I also couldn't help but wonder where that dedication to America has gone. When did we start looking at soldiers like they were tricked into the military? When did we start looking at soldiers like they weren't smart enough to do anything else? When did we forget the sacrifice and courage that it takes to enlist and serve in the military? The least we can do is say a nice thing or two and remember them for what they were and are, strong, brave, loyal, patriots. I am proud to be an American, and as such, I will be forever grateful to the men and women that serve our country. Happy Veteran's Day.

(photo via The Sartorialist)

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Kayla said...

amen. this is good. i like it.