Monday, October 12, 2009


Mundaes are the worst. (Everything is funnier when you spell it phonetically.)

Today in Biology the lovely girl sitting several seats to the right informed me that not only am I lazy, but because I am lazy I'm going to get liver cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer. I can tell she's going to ace the test.

Speaking of tests, I have 3 this week.

Tonight I am going to carve a pumpkin that will look like this:

Probably I'll watch Gossip Girl too, but only if Dorota is in it more than once, plus I guess Lily is going to marry her poor, Brooklyn, used-to-be-lover tonight. I do hope Georgina and whatever Hilary Duff's character's name is wear sleeves tonight though.

Do you want a good laugh? Check out our apartment's pictures in the Ward Menu:

Hilarious right? We all look like creeps. The Ward Menu is so great, so many photographic gems.

I bought red tights in Las Vegas, and I'm anxious to wear them...I just can't decide what to wear them with...

Speaking of Las Vegas, we're visiting again this weekend and I'll get to see the wonderful Kayla Tippetts and Lori Truman!

Oh also, if you know anyone that wants a housing contract for winter/spring/summer let me know because I don't need it anymore. Why you ask? Well, because I am going to London! I'll be staying in this place:

Exciting huh?

Mundaes are still the worst.


Hillary said...

London will be so much fun.

But ha! Guess who isn't in the ward photo directory. :P

Erin and Marc Dudley said...

Your thoughts are SO random! i LOVE it! :)Maybe I will come to London to visit you! Marc's famolee live in LOndon. :)